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My name is Tyler Bliss and I've spent much of my life admiring people's photographs.  It wasn't until after a family vacation in 2011 that I really discovered that I had a creative side and that my point and shoot wasn't going to help me get the most out of my photos.  Ever since then I've been out trying to capture the world how I see it through my camera lens and trying to share that experience with the world.

Landscape and Astrophotography are my passion, however I really find capturing people's natural interactions; whether that may be an expecting mother, a couple that is newly engaged, or a family looking to show off their newborn son.  I enjoy this so much that the original name for my business was to be "In the Moment Photography" but as fate would have it all the related domains were taken!

I hope to continue to push myself to pursue any and all opportunities related to my passion and share those memories with the world.  I hope you enjoy.

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